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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My TV Debut!!!! Or Not?

About three weeks ago I was filming with Granada News promoting the event with the once infamous Fred Talbot weather man, now reporter. I have to say what a awesome guy he was really down to earth and pleasent. It makes me wish I hadnt streaked across his floating weather map many years ago! Wait a second that wasnt me? Phew!!!

Anyway Fred being the nice guy he is said he would phone me and let me know when the broadcast is due to be aired, I waited one week, two weeks and then in the third the glorious call finally came!!! 'Dan your due on this lunchtimes News!!' I was so happy it was bank holiday so everyone was off so the emails and texts flew out to friends and family a like. 1.05 this lunch i will be on watch it!!

At 12.45 on goes ITV and down i sit ready to watch, lucky cos it was Benny Hill very funny lol and 1.05 on comes the news! I was so excited, it started with the usual sad headlines then got a little bit more light hearted reguarding some deer that had been saved from the stockport canal, awww i know how sweet, someones eating well tonight!! and then it came to the last article, here i am my heart lept I was so excited, thought i was going to wet myself, the tension built as i waited....... to see about lottie, some 94 year old who is still working as a walkon actress! i mean who cares? You didnt even see her in any of the shots!! So my big deal about kayaking the country to raise money and hope for those who need it most in the most deprived countries in the worl was deemed less imortant than some back of a grannies head on coronation street!!!

Well i had to laugh bless her i hope i live that long and am still active!

So the wait goes on for my screen debut but it will happen i am assured so please keep watching!!!!


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We actors don't get a lot of Voice Over till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our Voice Over regardless. Voice Over
Like your blog :o)

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