one man, one boat, one paddle and one goal!! to kayak the length of england for water aid to raise as much money as possible, some 380 miles along a route which has never been attemted before in a world record attempt. read everything here and view updated pictures for the training and the journey itself as well as the aftermath!! please please make a donation and be part of this with me

Sunday, November 12, 2006

World Records!!!!

It has now been confirmed by the guiness book of records that this summers kayak is an official record.

The record is the furthest distance kayaked solo and stands at 327 miles.

Hopefully this will not be beaten and a will be entered into next years official book, but just to be on the safe side I am planning another world record attempt this January to ensure I hold two world records and hopefully one will make it into the book fingers crossed!!!!

The main reason as always though behind the madness of my endurance kayaking is to ensure money and awareness is raised to help provide a clean sustainable water supply to the third world and so far with your help we have managed to change the lives of 200 people!!! a huge thankyou and lets try push for that target of £5000 and beyond.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just Thought I'd Say Hi!!!!

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8:18 PM  
Blogger Daniel Bloor said...

thanks for the hi but without knowing who you are i cant say hi back!!

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Naomi Troughton said...

Hey Daniel, Congratulations!!! I read about you on the Evening Mail Website, I live in Australia now. Don't know if you remember me but all the best!
Take Care
Naomi Troughton

7:24 PM  
Blogger Daniel Bloor said...

hey naomi

of course i remember you cant believe your out in aus now how lucky are you!! what you doing there?
hope all is well

dan xx

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Kevin Alsey said...

Hi Daniel.
Well done on your little trip along the canals!
I'm planning my own kayak trip from York to London next year in aid of the RNLI. Been wanting to do it for years, and now it's getting to the stage of planning.
It looks like it won't beat your record though, it's only 315 miles.
But it's all in the challenge!

Kevin Alsey

9:34 AM  
Blogger Daniel Bloor said...

hi kevin

sounds like another grueling and worthwhile trip you are planning,
how are you going to do the journey?

you are only just shy of the 327 and as you rightly point out the main aim is the trying and raising the money, also it was great fun and enjoyed evry moment.

wish you all the luck and best wishes in planning and executing the trip if you want any help or pointers on any aspects plese feel free to email me and will help the best i can it is

all the best dan

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Kevin Alsey said...

Hello again Daniel

Just to let you know that me and my friend will be starting at Ripon instead, a bit further upstream from York.
When I figure out the mileage, I'll let you know!

Maybe you'd like to join us?


9:09 AM  

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