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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Training!! Shouldn't it be getting easier?

well since getting out on Friday night to enjoy the sunsetting behind the mountains I played in the annual glaxo chem hockey tournament, the tournament always a great day out and a good laugh was going to be no different this year! When I turned up I found out I was being placed on the better of the two teams supposedly but to take a look at us you wouldn't believe it LOL we were the beer bellied bald team but all good lads and up for the laugh as well as the hockey which was demonstrated by the on the hour everyhour vodka downing contest! As for the hockey we went into our third game without a goal to our name and 2-0 down with 5mins left. Thankfully the legend that is Pete holden put through by equally as big mikey high scored our first tournament goal yey!! Then mikey did his second great act of the game, left the field so I may return for the last 2 mins. 2-1 down and Pete strikes the ball it flies just wide of the keeper straight onto my knuckle and into the back of the net!!!!! A goal 2-2 and I had scored but at what cost my knuckle flares up instantly in pain and swell! But at least it is 2-2 some pride salvaged! well so we thought edinburgh push back, launch the ball forward and score, whistle goes we lose 3-2 our tournament over with 3 straight defeats but we still smile!

luckily when I picked up the paddle this morning I was still able to grasp the paddle with minimum discomfort thankfully, but what I wasn't ready for after 120mins of pure hockey was 13 miles up and down coniston with pins and needles! I still cant walk now!! I thought with more and more training this would get easier! Oh well foolish me! Thankfully my dad came along today and as the man of suport was awesome as we took a good route up the lake and back down again talking to passer by yachters. Ath this point I would like to mention one lady in particular, you know who you are! We were paddling along all happy and ended up in the middle of several skegs, we held back to let them pass but one lady had to turn into us and sail past saying "this is a race you know!" well fair play I wudnt have minded but she was losing and well her boat was 4times the size of ours and moved by wind! lucky lady I felt like saying well done but we are training for a world record not a ponsey Sunday afternoon race but what can you do LOL

anyway other than that a good days training and some nice photos of the old man! And well for me the lasting effects of pins and needles! I mean come on it has been 9hrs this cant be right!!

oh and just for you mum I will spell check this one sorry everyone for the spelling mistakes I guess writing isn't my strong point! Love you mum xx


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