one man, one boat, one paddle and one goal!! to kayak the length of england for water aid to raise as much money as possible, some 380 miles along a route which has never been attemted before in a world record attempt. read everything here and view updated pictures for the training and the journey itself as well as the aftermath!! please please make a donation and be part of this with me

Friday, August 11, 2006

finally back from spain!!!

Well since completing the solo world record attempt I have had to head to Spain and the Pyrenees to do my dissertation for my degree in Geology. I know har work running around the mountains fof several weeks looking at rocks ;p

however now I am back and it is time to start with paddleaid 2007 with plenty of ideas banding around in my head time to settle down and work out where to go next, any ideas that you may have as well please let me know at as over the next year I want to develop the charity and expand it to get more people involved and raise more money.

it is now time to hit training hard ready for the new year and campaign having had time to relax and reflect on what was achieved during Paddleaid 2006 where to date with the effort of everyone involved I have managed to make over £2000 so a big thankyou to everyone who contributed and helped out

althoug I was meant to be out in Spain working on my dissertation I did however manage to sneak a few fun activities in with some free climbing, scree running, cultural excursions to barcelona, mountaineering and of course a little bit of........... kayaking!!!