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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dedicated or just stupid?

having been stuck indoors all week doing uni work, I was well looking forward to returning to the lakes and getting out! I mean I love rocks but there is only so much you can take when your stuck indoors doing it when the sun is shining!! Yesterday we headed out on a reckie to look at the most difficult section of the journey, the crossing of the ribble estuary and up the eriver Douglas, having looked at the area and speaking to a very helpful British waterways man who was on hand we were happy the area wouldn't be to bad to navigate and cross. With Saturday gone this meant Sunday was left purely to paddling, I couldn't wait!!! As we loaded up the kayaks and gear we felt moisture in the air but with a shrug we headed off in the direction of coniston water, as we unloaded and hit the water the rain started to pour but paddle on we thought and set off at a good pace. Having headed to the southern most point of the water we set our course for the northern end of the lake and to our dismay all we could see was a torrent of rain incoming and mist!! Brilliant! We managed to up and down the lake and put in a good 17miles training which felt good and set a very good pace of 5miles an hour, perfect for the journey. So what planned to be a good days sunbathing in the new nookie gear which arrived this week we were left like soggy little kittens reattaching the gear with numb fingers! This poses the question are we dedicated or just stupid?? Well I would waver towards the latter but that's just me LOL


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