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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bitter Sweet!!!

Today was a mixed day emotionally for the last week I have been struggling with tooth ache and the right of my face had become swollen and inflamed and very painful. This morning I finally faced upto the problem and went to the emergency dentist. This resulted in me having to have my back right upper wisdom tooth removed cos my mouth was too small! thats right too small (please stop laughing those that know me it is true!!) Anyhow it left me in pain all day and feeling rather sorry for myself as I was unable to venture out paddling. But then an email came through to say I might be on tele tonight for the article I filmed a few weeks back with Fred Talbot, you may remember my earlier post entitled my TV debut or not? bloomin old woman (still not bitter!) anyhow I didn't get my hopes up as this is often said and nothing happens but at six I switch granada on to check just in case, as the head lines come up there I was on still to come! I wet myself!!!! Amazing it was finally going to be on! Texts phone calls and emails went out to tell everyone I could hardly write such was the excitement my hands were shaking!

The article was brilliant Fred had done an awesome job and the feed back was great from those that saw! Due to coverage only being in the north west I will sort out putting the article on line so everyone can view what went on but I am still shaking now! Was such a surreal feeling to see yourself on TV as well as my dad, was strange seeing someone you knew too! But all in all was a great feeling and I hope will boost those donations on

so what started out as an awful day soon blossomed into something amazing!


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