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Friday, May 19, 2006

Strike a Pose!!!

This week has been pretty hard to get anything done with the looming exams. However on Wednesday I managed to have a very productive day. The secondary school which I attended was Dowdales Comprehensive Dalton in Furness, I returned there to see whether they would be able to help the cause by doing a fund raiser. I had a meeting with a Debbie O'Connor who was very enthusiastic with regards to helping the charity and between us we decided the best way to raise some money was to have a non uniform day after the event but to get money raised initially a poster competition is being arranged. I decided seems Dowdales is now an arts school the children could pay £1 to enter a poster for paddleaid which they have designed. The winning poster will then be made into a sticker and added to the base of the kayak so does the journey with me. Hopefully this way the children will be excited to get involved and learn something regarding the charity as they research and design their poster.

After this I managed to get out training again with one of my best mates the BIG D or Marc as everyone else will know him. Was a great day out and we managed to put in 12miles which was good going seems we had to paddle against the wind, rain and believe it or not waves. Yes a tranquil lake like coniston water can throw some big waves at you but it just made the afternoon out even more fun.

On a sad note though the day ended badly when unfortunately my beloved boys were beating in the champions league final. A brave game which was fought brilliantly by Arsenal but unfortunately one team had to lose and with ten men againstarguablyy the best team inEuropee it had to be us. Well played and lets hope with a strengthened team next year is our year.


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