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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School Rocks!!!

Today was a great day, I had to deliver an assembly today to 300 year 9 pupils at Dowdales comprehensive school with regard to fund raising for paddleAid, as already discussed earlier in the blog I came up with the idea of running a poster competition and the winning poster would be added to the boat and a prize for the child who produced it. Well today I had to go in and deliver an assembly on PaddleAid, discussing why I was doing it, how the money would help and why the children should get involved. Apparently the presentation went really well from teacher feedback but I have to say I was so nervous I kept looking at the floor and could feel my voice shaking. Is funny isn't it I can speak to complete strangers and talk them into giving me free gear to back the expedition but to talk to 300 kids my knees turn to jelly, hopefully tomorrows assembly with the year 8s will go a little better.
After delivering the assembly I went to a local Barrow sign making institute Chatsworth Signs to make sure the winning poster could be made into a sticker and added to the boat. The owner of the printworks met me and was all behind the idea and even offered to make the sticker of the winning child's poster for free so a huge thankyou to Chatsworth Signs who are going out of their way to help the fundraising thanks guys.
Also the local newspaper today confirmed they will be covering the start of the kayaking on the 9th of June at Tewitfield bottom lock south of Kendal. They are also keen on printing the winning poster from the competition in the article so extra incentive there for the aspiring artists at Dowdales School.


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