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Friday, June 02, 2006

Sun and Fun!

At the moment it seems like whenever we train it is always bad weather and with June fast arriving we wondered when the chance to paddle in the sunshine would finally arrive. Well last sunday as my flat mate Anil came to visit and go paddling the sun finally decided to break through and embrace us. A gentle paddle was mad all the more fun by the fact that it was warm and calm and we could chill out and get a tan!! Although it was great fun and I was happy for the tan it was this weekend that although the short sleeved cag has many plus points sunbathing was not one!! I now have the worst tan lines across the top of my arms in the shape of the cag which seems to have been the attnetion of a lot of studentd this week as they find it hilarious. Oh well live and learn next time I will just have to paddle topless!! lol


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