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Monday, June 12, 2006

We're off!!

Friday 9th June 2006 Start time: 6:30pm
Well guys the day has arrived and I have set off for London. The old man is with me for the weekend and we aim to be in Tarleton by Sunday.

It was a pleasant start with the Deputy Mayor of Kendal being the first person to sign my log book. She was great and was really enthusiastic about the challenge and the cause. Thanks to the Deputy Mayor.

With the photo shoot over and a farewell to friends and family we hit the paddleing bit. It had begun in earnest with 300+ miles to go.

Things went well until we reached the outskirts of Lancaster. Disaster!! They had drained a mile section of the canal and blocked the towpath. Nothing for it but to go round so we carried everything around our first obstacle.

Back in and on through the centre of Lancaster, thanks to the guy who offered us a pint but drinking beer was not on our minds as it was getting darker and we had realised we had not eaten before setting off.

At 11:00pm we thought perhaps we should put in for the night. We did wonder how to get the log book signed when, miraculously, two guys came cycling along the towpath. Mike and Dave were more than willing and we sat and chatted with them about the venture. Thanks guys for your support and look forward to Canada if possible next year.

Having pitched the tent, donated by Blacks, for the first time we decided to eat and settle for the night. How uncomfortable the ground was. We had pithced the tent where the cattle had been treading and every lump was in a hurtful and discomforting position. Still tired and still hungry we fell asleep ready for the next days challenge.

Would we get a good nights sleep?


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